Reviews and Online Reputation is a Critical Part of Any SEO Strategy

Your business’s reputation plays a significant role when it comes to the organic search engine ranking. As a matter of fact, reviews are a significant part of the internet now. These are absolutely important for online retailers. Moreover, they are pretty vital for a local business. Even a SEO company is of the same opinion. For instance, if your business is listed in most of the business directory and is also mentioned in the local news, you are likely to rank higher in the search engine list. However, if the reverse occurs and you receive poor reviews, you will be rank lower in the search engine list.

A SEO company will tell you that every business gets a negative review every now and them. However, there are some businesses which have naturally trouble attracting customer reviews. However, local SEO is becoming more popular and this is the reason customer reviews are also gaining much importance.

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The Benefits of Reviews

Online reviews have more roles to perform than to simply look good on the external sites as stated by SEO Company. It can be greatly beneficial for your business.

  • If you have ample reviews, it can improve your company’s local ranking in the search result page. At present, the search engines like Google, display the top three most relevant businesses for a specific query. When a user will search for a business like yours in your area, the search engine will use the customer rating as the primary determining factors while placing the any business at the top three spots.
  • When you have better reviews, it ensures that you will get more clicks once you get the ranking. For instance, if you are looking for a specific hotel and you get three options. One has five stars and the other two has three and one star respectively. You are more likely to click on the one that has a better ranking. As a matter of fact, qualified traffic is even better.
  • If you have better reviews, you will also be able to make more sales. Customer reviews is directly related to the eligibility score. This lets the other customers know if your business is a good choice.

These three benefits together state the value of attracting new customer over the internet. In between two competitors is one business is able to get better reviews while the other business is ignoring them, the business with better review will emerge victorious.

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Platform Specificity

You have to keep in mind that an online review one platform is hardly equal in visibility and power of review on another platform. There are some platforms which syndicate their review for using on other platform. While, on the other hand, there are platforms that keep them platform exclusive.

Moreover, a SEO company mentions that there are certain platforms that are more important when it comes to search engine ranking.

Relative Value

SEO Company mentions that when it comes to the factors which help with your ultimate ranking, reviews are most important. The site structure, the content strategy, and the user experience play a major role when it comes to the online ranking other than online reviews.