Key Trends for SEO for 2020

The growing SEO landscape all over the world is not only dynamic but is also extremely relevant in today’s world. Although certain things remain constant – such as inserting certain relevant keywords into your titles so as to make it a priority to optimize users and the like, but the overall dynamics of it all is fast-changing, which is why the job of a Top-Rated SEO Company is also growing and evolving in the same way.

Top-Rated SEO Company

Keeping this growth in mind, given below are certain key trends which an SEO firm in Toronto is sure to follow and adhere to –

  • Having zero-click searches as the new fad. With the help of certain SERP features such as knowledge graphs, featured snippets, Google’s local packs and such other similar features all fall under the ‘zero-click searches’ policy. According to this policy, a user’s doubts and queries are answered on the SERP which is why they don’t have to bother clicking on the page again.
  • A Top-Rated SEO Company in Toronto will surely look into providing the best optimization for featured as well as rich snippets. Rich snippets are those which show stars to indicate reviews, prices of products, images and the like, along with the title and description of a product. A featured snippet, on the other hand, is an entire block of information that is shown at the very top of the search results and works to bring a greater increase in the CTR.
  • The local scene of the SEO firm in Toronto is fast changing. As has been previously mentioned a large number of the zero-click searches are actually local searches, the results of which are usually shown on the SERP itself and are referred to as ‘Local Packs.’ In mobile devices, a single ‘local pack’ has the ability to take up the total space of a single SERP that is usually shown to a user.
  • Top-Rated SEO CompanyTechnology which has seen overall growth in machines are all here to stay – for good. It has been a while now that Google has been making use of its algorithms in order to provide an improved user experience along with the help and search keywords in order to avoid stuffed webpages. As is well known, Google makes use of 3 different types of mechanisms –Neural Matching (helps to figure out the meaning of a query), RankBrain (works to adjust the SERP’s by relying on the collected data of a user’s overall behavior) and BERT (an algorithm which helps to analyze the overall structure of a search in order to provide a better understanding of the context of the keywords and how they are used).
  • The main priority of a business should be its brand building. It is necessary to keep in mind that though paid advertisings still work pretty well for socials, there are a growing number of companies who are now opting for it in order to create a trend wherein the ROI of paid ads will end up decreasing.